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Supreme Slim Keto Having a healthy diet is essential to achieve a higher quality of life. The abuse of foods rich in saturated fats, sodium and sugars is a trigger for diseases such as heart attack, stroke, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. On the other hand, it is easy to include in the menu foods of resistance and longevity. For these reasons, having a healthy diet is so important. 1. Don't be without food "The most important thing is not to spend long periods without eating. Snacking between big meals is crucial, because restricting energy tends to slow down metabolism as a way to save energy, which makes it difficult to In addition, the person is likely to eat more at the next meal, looking for more calorie foods as a compensation, which will also result in weight gain. " (Carla Fiorillo, nutritionist at the Federal University of São Paulo) 2. Enjoy eating "Eating is also a source of pleasure. Do not become a slave to diets and calories, because there are more and more studies that show that people who care too much about fitness tend to suffer greater weight swings, and are dissatisfied with the diet. Being well with yourself and taking care of your body with physical activity and healthy eating are the best ways to achieve a good quality of life. " (Carla Fiorillo, nutritionist at the Federal University of São Paulo) 3.Search natural foods "Follow as natural a diet as possible and try to avoid meals with many processed products. If you eat an industrialized pasta, make yourself a homemade sauce. If you want to drink fruit juice, try taking the natural, because processed foods contain many substances like dyes and preservatives that have high amounts of sodium and can in the long run cause hypertension and overload the kidneys. " (Daniela Cyrulin, nutritionist at USP and Instituto Plena Saúde) 4. Make substitutions "Try replacing heavier and fatty foods with lighter versions whenever possible: make shredded peach palm hearts, boiled cauliflower rice, swap ham for turkey breast, buy tuna in water instead of tuna in oil, replace greasy cheeses with lighter versions like cottage cheese and ricotta, replace grated Parmesan with smoked and grated ricotta. " (Daniela Cyrulin, nutritionist at USP and Instituto Plena Saúde).
Thank you so much for Keto. Having a healthy diet is essential to achieve a higher quality of life. You're right.

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