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I am elevated into ecstasy with comments received from some of my readers, viewers and followers in relation to the Episode 1 and Episode 2 of “conversation with my daughter” and this has lured and spurred me into action to wet your reading appetite with Episode 3 this week as promised earlier.
Here comes the Episode 3.
It was another weekend recently, precisely a Saturday morning. I settled down early to arrange, synergize and synchronized my line of thought in preparation for a weekly blog post.
Immediately, she saw me writing, he jerked off from her lying down position and another conversation started.
She shouted from afar while approaching me by moving towards me.
“What are you doing” …. she probed.
“Baby girl”
“I am writings. I responded.
OH! Are you writing? she probed further.
“And I replied her again by nodding my head.
Immediately she turned back and she responded by making it clear to me that she wants to take her book and start writing.
Whether what she intends writing is right or wrong, she just want to do what her daddy was busy doing. I was pleased with her because it is my vision to raise and train her on the path of writing creatively and professionally.
She really made my day because I felt fulfilled and momentarily accomplished.
No doubt about it, the essence of parenting is resident and inherent in influence not in affluence’s a parent, your actions and inactions are filled with potentials that are efficient and powerful enough to influence your wards in a way and manner that you might not be able to measure its extent.
As a parent, your actions and inactions speak louder voice and they are forces that are powerful to shape and mold the destiny of our young ones rightly or wrongly.
They are the guides and guards that make or mar the future of our young ones.
It is the kind of influence and impart you have on your wards that determines the kind of parenting you doled out whether good, bad, responsible or irresponsible.
There is a kind of parenting that is recognized by the light it beamed while the other kind of parenting is known by the depth of gross darkness it is encompassed and overwhelmed with.
Children raised from parenting that beam light will easily portray, display and exhibit light in them no matter how inconsequential and insignificant it might be while children raised through parenting approach that fetters darkness and every form of weaknesses in raising up a complete child will have their children exhibiting darkness and all forms of aberration and obscurity.
Every child is a reflection of whatever is planted in their life consciously or unconsciously by those who stand for them to foster the role of parenting.
Those who grew up becoming a threat to the society are people that have experienced a missing link and some sorts of weaknesses in their upbringing as a child especially when no one is ready and available to train them on the path of reasoning.
Hence, they end up becoming tools in the hands of the devil and they end up maturing into agents of evil and darkness with the brunch of their evil being shared by everyone in the society.
Our society becomes what it is presently through the inadequacies and shortcomings encountered in the responsibility of parenting.
 Weak parenting produces a weak society and an irresponsible society is an offshoot and an offspring of an irresponsible parenting.
Our world is filled with many child-adults with them being a burden to the entire society just because of a weakened parenting that mold them.
Some become cheap materials in the hands of men with their superior and bosses sleeping with them just because of their aspirations to be promoted and achieve mundane things in life but it can be concluded that someone has been irresponsible in making them to have self-confidence accompanied with the ability to stand on what is good no matter how terrible the situation on ground is.
If you know that you will end up being an irresponsible parent, there is no pint raising burdens and dare devils in the name of giving birth to children.
“Do not just add to the statistics of birth, rather influence the society through quality of seeds procreated by you”.
Never plant a bad seed that will end up becoming a liability to the society but rather propagate good seeds that will influence and redirect the society on the path of goodness, greatness and all-round goodwill.
“The beauty of parenting is raising lions and giants not chickens and dogs”.
The questions are:
In conclusion,
Parenting is all about responsiveness and responsibilities not about fulfilling the desire and demand of what is resident underneath your pants, boxers and bra.


10th of August 2018.