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The past episodes of a series tagged: “CONVERSATION WITH MY DAUGHTER” had experienced huge acceptance and it has been appreciated from many of our avid readers, followers and viewers. This is just a simple idea that was conceived practically at a point and it is believed it will be and addition to families, relationships and parenting which seems to be an arduous task for some people.
Episode 1,2 and 3 have been published and now, here comes the Episode 4.
Welcome to the reality of Episode 4.
Recently, when ‘my beloved’-my wife was in a conversation with my daughter towards the close of the day. After we have observed prayer before going to bed, my beloved just called the attention of my daughter to something that when it started initially, I felt that it might be unimportant and it might be unnecessary for a little girl of her age.
Though, it was a mix feeling for me because I was in doubt if her understanding will be in alignment with such exercise, but later I was proofed wrong.
This is how her conversation with her mum goes:
After prayer had been offered and altered for the night,
“Faith”. Her mum called her.
“Ma” ……She responded.
“Let’s read the bible” …her mum replied.
“When I read, you will chorus it after me”…her mum continued.
“Ok”! Ma” ….she answered.
While this conversation was going on, I was fagged out and I wasn’t totally in support but they had the exercise successfully with my daughter’s response very encouraging. Her mum opened the book of Psalms on her phone and both were busy reading and responding till they got to the last verse of their chosen chapter in the book of Psalms.
It was surprising to me when at a point in time recently, even it has been up to two occasions when my daughter had been the one reminding her mum of the need to read the bible after prayers before going to bed, even up till now.
“Let’s read the bible…she demanded.
And her mum will be reading and she always chorus it along with her.
It was quite surprisng to me that such a simple trial that was carried out and experimented by her mum has become something that she is in love with without anybody forcing her or coaxing her on the need to.
No wonder the bible admonished us to be like the little children because the kingdom of God belongs to them.
With this practical experience, I learnt a lesson of my life that parenting is all about the kind of exposure our ward is given out to and the best period of their life when they can yield to our instructions and ways easily is at the developmental stage of their existence.
It is paramount, pertinent and essential for parents to catch them young and put them in the ways of the Lord before they are wrongly exposed and initiated to the evils in the society.
There is a need for every parent to start sowing the seed of spirituality in their wards at a tender age so that their responses to it will be easy and smooth without any constraints and restrictions.
Whatever you fail to teach them as a parent will be doled out to them freely as a form of teaching and culture by the society and our society is filled with wrong teachings and negative anti-social instructions that will pave their ways to perdition and destruction.
Parenting is a responsibility that must take care of the physical and spiritual need of a child accompanied with the ability to balance the two without any becoming a source of confusion to our children.
The greatest gift God gave to humanity is our Children but it is our responsibility as parents to make them fulfill their purpose on earth through the nature of training and exposure given to them.
“Your weaknesses in training and molding them will end up being transformed into strength in them that will make them become a burden and a source of regret at the end to parents”.
If your children grow up treating you bad, check yourself, you might have been weak in training them in seeing reasons why an elderly person must be referenced and respected.
They end up becoming whatever you made them to be through your weakness or through your strength.
In conclusion:
“Your weakness in training and molding them–(children) when they are young will strengthen them in treating you bad when you are old”.
“The beauty of good parenting is deeply inherent in trainings and tutelage that are channeled towards the development of a complete human being that will be an asset to the society in its entirety but not a burden.”
Let’s ensure in our little way and with the help of God train our children in the way of the Lord.
“This is how a beautiful and a glorious future for our children can be enhanced in the process of time”.



10th of August 2018