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5 Major Challenges of Education in Nigeria We are Currently Facing - Bolajist1 - 11-22-2018

Major Challenges of Education… The oxford advanced leaners dictionary defines education as an activity that imparts knowledge or skill. Education, as we all know is also the transfer of knowledge from one person to another.

Major Challenges of Education in Nigeria
[Image: Screen%2BShot%2B2018-11-07%2Bat%2B6.25.44%2BPM.png]
When we talk of educational challenges, there are several things that comes into mind are: inadequate learning facilities, unqualified teachers, examination misconduct, inadequate teachers and lot more.
It has been noted that a large number of employed teachers are not fit to teach, this can be one major educational challenge.
The challenges of education in Nigeria include:
  1. Examination Misconduct.
    In our country, especially in the secondary and tertiary levels, students no longer display their knowledge .when we talk about exams, we are talking about a test to test your knowledge at the end of a term or a semester. But now the rate of examination malpractice in schools is so alarming.
    Student poor preparation towards examination causes malpractice, another reason why student cheat, is to meet up considering the high rate of fees. I don’t doubt this. Considering the fees, price of books and so on, no Student would love to be held back.
    It might interest you to know that not only students misbehave during examination, teacher/lecturers misbehave too. You might ask yourself this question; do they? Yes they do. I’ll tell you how they participate in this. Teachers do negotiate with students to pay them during examination for assistance. When this is done, answers are brought to them and this is very bad, with this, no student will be encouraged to read, and will always have it in mind that there is a way out.
    This is really bad. Why? because if you take a good look at most of our graduates with good results, when they go out there for an interview or anything that hast to do with their result, it is so sad to know that they wouldn’t be able to defend their result, which could be very embarrassing, not only to that individual, but also to the school, because a bad information has been passed a crossed concerning the school.

  2. Inadequate Learning Facilities.
    Learning facilities are not made available and even if they are, they are not enough for the number of students available, when facilities are not made available the process of learning is being prolonged. All this facilities are needed foe effective learning.

  3. Poor Salaries Payment.
    You may think that teachers are made available all over the world the answer is yes but if you take a good look, theses teachers are not qualified and also the few qualified ones we have do not last. Why? This is because they are not being paid well and the allowances that were to be given to them are not being instead they go for a job that pays well. I would have done same in such case, because no one want to be poor, everyone goes for a job with good pay in order  to be able to cater for his/her needs.
    Most schools lack compete set of teachers. In this case you will find one teacher teaching more than two or three subjects, because there are not enough teachers to carry out this duty. It is in such cases you will find a Christian religious knowledge teacher taking mathematics and so on, while in some schools if these teachers are not available those subjects would not be taught. Most teachers do turn the classroom into a market ground.
    They do this because they are not being paid well, so the do this to add to the little they are given at the end of the month. The few qualified teachers are not dedicated because they are always on the look for greener pastures.

  4. Political Interference.
    This is another major challenge political interference: today most institutions are owned by politicians. Parents now use their political influence for the education of their children, which is not really the best. This denies those who are duly qualified and go for the wards whose parents are under authority. This is a very discouraging challenge.

  5. Tribalism.
    This is another problem. You could be wondering how that is a is in the sense that admission now a days is dome based on your is rare before you find someone from Akwa Ibom in a school owned by the Igbos. Even if strangers are being admitted they are treated differently, and this can make the student involved feel very indigene is more recognized than an intruder.
What’s your take on this?

RE: 5 Major Challenges of Education in Nigeria We are Currently Facing - Bolajist1 - 08-13-2019

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