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A lady made a post with a picture of her one year natural hair length and so many ladies are hating and claiming it's impossible(thankfully, admins have turned off commenting on the post)  
  Look ladies,  your hair growth and progress is highly dependant on your care routine. I am an example of what bad care could do the hair... Had a second big chop in June(yea right,  all of the darn hair),  Good news: Hair was growing fine,  I was up in the cloud as my hair before the big chop was falling off like I was on chemo or some radiation treatment all thanks to bad products, stress and of course our major culprit - BAD HAIRCARE practice.  I made a resolve,  no more cream/relaxers and yippee!  I began the journey,  but knowing next to nothing about caring for natural hair. 
Imagine the worse that can happen to natural hair and be certain I did all of them : using small combs,  letting stylists who should have no  business being stylists comb the living daylight off my coils, pulling/breaking my hair in the process. 
Friends who were offering  pro Bono service  on my hair have a share in the blame... They practically pulled my hair out in the name of help.  
I combed my hair when dry... Did all sort of rubbish on the hair simply because I didn't know  there was a better way. Joined natural hair babes some weeks ago and some other natural hair groups on Instagram and believe it,  I know better, I'm retaining length like crazy!  Simply put,  our hair is always growing but not retaining length because we do not care for the hair!   
You comb it with the tiniest comb on earth and you expect to retain length?  
You have on your hair the tightest braids in the world and you want growth? 
You don't even moisturise your hair. 
You comb when dry and you're even too impatient to finger-detangle your hair.
Babes,  there's really no magic bullet to fix length issues, just retain length and you'll see the difference.  
No need HATING/DOUBTING....that length you saw there is possible! 
P.S, stick to products if they work,  no need asking everyone who makes a post to let you in on their personal hair products. It's counterproductive!

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