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AMAZING  Hawkings predict how the world will end

*Hawking predicted how the world will END on his deathbed*

The legendary physicist wrote a new research paper suggesting how our universe will fade into darkness when the stars eventually run out of energy. And the work also revealed how science boffins could detect evidence of a multiverse – a theory suggesting ours is one of many universes created by “Big Bangs”. The research, finished on Professor Hawking’s deathbed, could have earned him the Nobel Prize that eluded him during his time on earth.

In 1983 Prof Hawking and James Hartle coined the ‘no boundary theory’ discussing how the universe came into existence. The theory predicted a multiverse – suggesting there were an infinite number of “Big Bangs” each creating individual universes. His final paper explored how these universes can be found using a spaceship probe.

Titled “A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation”, the paper, co-written with Professor Thomas Hertog, debates the idea that we can measure other universes using a spaceship detector. Prof Hertog told the Sunday Times: “(Prof Hawking) has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won it. “Now he never can.”

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