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5 Profitable Goods to Buy Online

There are many goods you can buy online but i will be talking on the specific goods that you can buy and sell here in Nigeria that you will make more profit on it.

1. Laptops: This is the business i know much about because am doing it and you can make huge profit from it either buying new or used laptops from Ebay, Amazon and other sites like that. You can see used laptops from Ebay as low as $30 and when you bring it down to Nigeria, you can sell it N25,000 to N30,000 per one. At least you can make nothing less than N10,000 on one laptop.

2. Wristwatch: There are many designer watches on both Ebay and Amazon that you can get as low as $5-$50 or even more and when you bring such watch to Nigeria, you can sell it and get reasonable profit it depend on how you can market it and if you are good in marketing, then you can sell for even big price especially when you sell to bankers etc.

3. Clothes and Shoes: This is also profitable goods you can bring down to Nigeria for reseller and make huge profit from but you have to be very careful when dealing with sizes because the price varies according to sizes of the goods you are buying especially shoes and clothes. A lots of people interested in open a boutique and really want to make enough profit, i think this is the perfect place to get all your designer clothes and shoes for reseller here in Nigeria. There are also many cheap clothes and shoes you can get on either Ebay or Amazon.

4. Phones Accessories: This is a fast growing business in Nigeria because majority of people can't do without a cell phones. There are many phones accessories you can get online either from Ebay or Amazon like Phones cases, Batteries, Screen guild, Charger, Pulse, and many other Phones accessories which you can get as low as from $0.5 and above or even less than that it depend on what you are buying.

5. Perfumes: Am talking of designer perfumes that you can sell for like N10,000 above which you can bring to Nigeria as low as N5,000 or even less.

There are many goods you can buy online which when you bring it here in Nigeria and resller will fetch you huge profit.

NOTE: I only used Ebay and Amazon as example throughout this article but there are also many online sites you can buy from.
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