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NEW RELEASE -  How to Get Money on the Internet For Free up to Tens of Dollars

The development of internet throughout the world makes various kinds of new things appear related to the virtual world, one of which is the more websites or sites that appear with various functions. One type of website that is often searched for and one of the most typed keywords on Google is a site that can make money.

It is possible, the development of the internet world can indeed produce several types of websites that can provide money through ways and techniques that continue to grow from year to year by continuously utilizing the growing variety of new innovations in cyberspace. Here are some types of websites that can make real money and prove to pay their members.

1. Survey

The first and most common type of website or money-producing site has been a money-generating website by filling out certain types of surveys. This site will provide a certain number of dollars or rupiah after the member is selected criteria to answer a number of survey questions and successfully complete them.

According to the author's experience, some types of survey sites that can truly provide better income for money (in dollars) or other rewards include Toluna Indonesia, YouGov, Viewfruit, Global Test Market, Mobrog, SurveyOn, and maybe a few others.

2. Freelance

A type of website has a mechanism that requires more effort and expertise to get a purse of money. This type of freelance site will provide various forms of work that are often categorized into certain skills such as design, writer, internet marketing, admin, and several other skills.

Job jobs are obtained by other members who really need help to solve certain things with a number of different rewards for each type of work. Some freelance sites that are proven to provide income for members, especially in the form of rupiah such as and

Because the form of work usually requires expertise and a certain amount of time, the amount of money that can be generated can be more than some other types of sites.

3. E-commerce

The online or E-commerce shopping site is one of the sites that will now develop considering the need for online shopping in the community continues to increase from year to year. The way to get money from E-commerce sites is quite clear by becoming a seller and trading certain items.

Becoming a merchant on E-commerce does not have to save stock or maintain the distribution process itself but can use sharing forms of selling on the internet such as dropship.

Dropship is an online selling system where the seller does not need to have the goods sold in advance or stock and does not need to send goods to the buyer because this will be done by the supplier of the goods sold. Dropshiper will get profits through the excess margin on the price of goods from suppliers.

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