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Eros Prime Keto The abundance of vegetables and fruits with low sugar content cannot be limited, it is only necessary to monitor the compatibility of products. If you drink a glass of pure water before eating, the volume of food consumed will decrease, and the feeling of satiety will occur earlier. Also, one should drink water with the feeling of hunger in the intervals between meals. The radical version of the emergency diet is banana milk. The daily amount of food should be divided into 4 or 5 receptions, and use only 3 bananas and 3 cups of milk per day. The amount of water cannot be limited, and milk should be skimmed. Duration of the diet - 3 days, during this time you can lose up to 3 kg. All tough emergency diets should be carried out with the mandatory use of multivitamin complexes designed to support the body and ensure the flow of all necessary elements. Let's figure out where the truth is. After all, any meal (or lack thereof) affects both weight and shape. A diet for weight loss can work wonders. Why do you need dinner the fact is that long breaks between meals are fraught with not the best consequences. This approach to nutrition can cause diseases of the stomach and intestines. And people who already have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you cannot skip dinner at all. Remember, the break between dinner and breakfast should not exceed 10 hours. Anything higher is a health hazard. The ideal time for dinner is two hours before bedtime. This allows the body to absorb new calories, and at the same time you will not feel hungry. Life hacking: if after dinner you suddenly felt like eating, drink kefir or ryazhenka. It is safe for the figure and good for health. TOPIC: Why drinking the diet is the most dangerous of all Important: losing weight with the help of refusal from dinner (you reduce daily calorie intake, which means losing weight) is not due to body fat. It comes at the expense of your muscle mass. Remember, the body spends fat reserves in the most useful place. How does food affect weight in the evening? Indeed, if your dinner consists of wrong and harmful products, you will recover.

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