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Just Keto Diet Therefore, getting up early makes you feel healthier in the morning, reducing your intake of sweets and soft drinks during the day. A good breakfast includes a fruit to lower your glycemic index, a loaf of bread, a slice of cheese, a scrambled egg, a yogurt with some fruit + oats or flaxseed. "That's because breakfast consumes protein, vitamins and carbohydrates, preferably whole, because if you start your day with a high sugar, you feel instant energy, followed by a drop," warns Dr. Barakat. This is the so-called glucose peak, that animation that comes soon after the sweet, but then leaves a feeling of tiredness and laziness, a result of the exaggerated secretion of insulin generated by the consumption of refined sugar. This ingredient is present in white cake flour and French bread. Eat every three hours Dr. Barakat explains that staying too long without eating causes the body to become alert and store a "stock" of fat because it does not know when it will receive food again. In prolonged fasting, the body increases the production of insulin, causing hypoglycemia (lack of sugar in the blood). When this happens, weakness, dizziness and malaise are common. "Another important point is to eat before you feel hungry.This sensation is considered a kind of stress, which causes the body to produce a greater amount of cortisol.It is precisely this hormone that will store all that you eat as fat, way, will guarantee its energy stock, "he says. In fact, a study published in the "News England Journal of Medicine" showed that high amounts of this hormone are associated with abdominal fat stores. When we feed on short periods, our energy expenditure and our satiety are greater, which prevents abuse at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This habit is acquired with planning and dedication. Start by scheduling meals throughout the day and carry some type of food in the bag, such as cereal bars, fruits, and more. So if some unforeseen event arises, you will not be left without food.
Healthy diet is important to maintain healthy life style.Taking nutrient rich breakfast maintain proper working of body organs.This break fast plan is rich of nutrient fibers which a body

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