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NOTICE  English Class- 20 Words Pertaining To Death

Learning Time...
1. Corpse- The dead body of a human being.
2. Carcass- The dead body of an animal.
3. Carrion- Decaying dead body of animals.
4. Bier- A frame for carrying a dead body.
5. Mortuary- A place where corpses are temporarily kept.
6. Cenotaph- Monument set up for people buried elsewhere.
7. Morgue- A place where found corpses are kept for identification.
8. Catacombs- Underground caves for burying the dead body.
9. Burial- Disposal of dead boy by burying.
10. Coffin- A box for burying a dead body.
11. Cremation- Disposal of a dead body by burning.
12. Pyre- A pile of wood on which a corpse is burnt.
13. Embalming- Preserving a dead body from decaying.
14. Mausoleum- A very expensive tomb.
15. Winding Sheet- Cloth wrapped round a dead body.
16. Epitaph- An inscription on a tomb.
17. Exhume- To dig up a corpse.
18. Autopsy/post-mortem- Examining a corpse to find out the cause of death.
19. Euthanasia- The practice of putting a person to painless death.
20. Resurrection- Rising from the dead.
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