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Business ideas in Nigeria for entrepreneurs

From time to time, many individuals look for business opportunity and business ideas in Nigeria that they can start or invest in; even so, some go to the extent of attending different business seminars. All these in the hope to find a profitable business to start.
Well, over the past few years, I have been researching on the different business opportunities that can yield good return in Nigeria. And thought of sharing it with you.
Please note: This is for information only. I am not selling anything to you neither is it a solicitation to buy anything.

Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria

Either you are a startup, entrepreneur or just looking for business opportunity in Nigeria; I think you will find the list of 4 of the most profitable ideas mentioned below useful.

1. Consulting business opportunity
Over the past, consultancy business have been in the news for making good profit. In fact, consultants are now earning the sort of money that was once upon a time not possible.
Why is this? Well.... as many businesses in Nigeria and all around the world now seek solution to business success, they turn to consultants to provide those solutions.
Depending on your skills, expertise and experience in your particular field, I think it is right time for somebody to be looking for consulting opportunities.
There are more than enough consultancy work out there, just make make your choice. In case you need ideas on consultancy opportunities, you can read Over [/url][url=]45+ Highly profitable consulting business ideas.

2. Online Business
We have all seen how good the online business is; It has been like that for over one decade and it will continue to be a profitable industry. The good thing about the online business is that you can operate it from anywhere; apart from that, it is a business that make money for you even while you are sleeping.
Different ways of making making money through online businesses are:
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Program
  • Google Adsense
  • Sell ebooks; and few others.
3. Become a freelance
Freelancing is another business idea that the people in the industry are now reaping the benefit of it. It is getting more popular because of the advancement in technology.
Before now, graduate. non-graduates and experience individuals are fund of seeking for employments. But recently, the tide have changed. It has changed in the sense that many organization in Nigeria now seek the services of experts to fill that job space.

Advantage of freelancing:
For Employers: Employers do not have to worry about looking for a perfect candidate to fill a particular position.
For Freelancers: The days of "I beg to apply" is over; you can always get freelance jobs readily available anytime you are ready to work

The last below will require you to have some sort of capital; either big or small. The type of business opportunities good good but they require funding.

4. Real Estate business
This is it! yes, the big one. You get it right and you are set. There are two sides to this:
  • As a real estate agent - buying, renting and selling of real estate (lands and properties); and
  • Investing in real estate - Buy to rent or buy to flip.
Let us talk briefly on both of them.

As an agent, your profit come from being able to get an occupier or a buyer for a client. In that case, you will make your profit on the sale or rent of that property.

Meanwhile, investors make their money through investing in real estate. Some sort of investment in this is either to buy a property and rent out, or buy a property to flip immediately; at the same time, some investors keep the property for years before selling it.

A giveaway: Do you know that 95% of the world millionaire are property investors.

I wish you good luck in your quest to discovering a profitable business. Thanks

[Image: Real-Estate-Business-in-Nigeria.jpeg]

You forgot to add one extra point - How to sell your products. I think that is one of the most important point, if not the most important. You can watch and see why.

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